Why Do Guys Never Want A Relationship With Me?

Some of my posts are nice and sweet, others cut right to the point and deliver you truths you might not wish to hear but may benefit in the long run. This guide is the latter.

Guys Never Want A Relationship With Me

I have a fantastic girl-friend who wishes someday to come across a wonderful man, settle down with him, and get married. However, while she satisfies men who’ll happily date her for some time and have sex, then none of them pursue a genuine love relationship.

This is only one of the most common relationship issues my readers confront. They need a fantastic man and a superior connection. However, the men need something short term, and non-exclusive. Ladies yearn for something more and keep asking: “why do guys never want a relationship with me?”

If you have the same query, you likely are in one of two situations.

  1. You might, like my friend, have lots of alternatives for sex and dating; however, you want to have more dedication.
  2. Or, you may not be getting anything, casual or sex relationship from the men you date, let alone a connection.

Please Take A Minute To Think

It is more stringent than ever nowadays to become confident and pleased with yourself when we are all hooked on our telephones and let social media bombard us with curated pictures of different girls living these seemingly perfect lives.

It is hard out there, but it does not need to be. Be real with yourself and attempt to recognize the main reason you can not pull in the sort of connection you desire.

These will be the most likely reasons why men never want a relationship with you.

You Start With Sex As The Center Of The Universe

OK, so he is intrigued and he finds you attractive, but it doesn’t mean anything. For men, sex is sex, and a relationship is a connection. Sex is not a way to receive an emotional connection, and often it is not an indication of how he feels.

Sex As The Center Of The Universe

Girls who lead with sex, don’t feel as though they have much else to provide down deep. It is an underlying deficiency of value that causes you to rely upon something foolproof, your sexuality, to receive his attention. But as I have mentioned, this does not usually result in a long-term romance.

You Always Worry About The Way He Feels

You count the number of texts and time how long it takes for him to send you back. Whenever you don’t hear from him for a little while, you feel a knot in your gut. You crumble into a pit of grief. You always suspect he will abandon you because that is whatever happens to you.

Worry About How He Feels

You perform what I call a psychological detective. Always collecting and studying clues to observe how he feels about you. You believe you are protecting yourself, thinking this can be useful, but you push him farther away.

You Don’t Know How To Pick Men

If you always wind up with men who won’t telephone their girlfriend (this is you), then you may be going after the men who do not want anybody to be their girlfriend. They’re emotionally damaged men with significant commitment problems.

Don't Know How To Pick

Most men are available to the notion of long term relationships as well as marriage.

You Do Not Love Yourself

You will never be able to enjoy yourself from the outside if you do not feel like it on the inside. It does not make sense. How do you possibly think someone could love you if you do not fancy yourself?

Love Yourself

In case you’ve got internal psychological issues, they’re yours to cope with, and until you do, loyal relationships won’t ever come easy.

Before You Leave

After eventually crossing paths with a person you are really into, it is merely a matter of time until you begin wondering how to play your cards right so that you end up with the man of your dreams. However, based on his maturity level and which sort of devotion he is available to, there is an opportunity he could only want to get laid.

Men that are motivated by joy above all may not be prepared to pursue meaningful connections. It is OK! And frankly, the same could be said of a few girls, too.

Above all, you ought to go after whatever you like. If that is a connection, then do not waste your time on men that aren’t on precisely the same page.

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