What Men Want In Bed – 10 Things They Will Never Reveal

What men want in bed? If you want to learn their hidden thoughts about love and love-making, read my article. I will show you exactly what they secretly wish!

What Men Want in Bed

It is normal for women to wonder what men want in bed so that they can do it and hopefully have the perfect relationship-well, at least in the bedroom!

Few men want you to be an acrobat or withstand whips and gags but a large number wants more spice, sweetness and surprise in bed.

Before we go deeper in our quest for answers, here are some basic things that men have confessed to wanting from women in bed:


Do not be duped by those movies you watch of macho men taking their women without giving any chance for emotions to build. Men certainly enjoy it most when things progress slowly leading up to mind blowing hot “hugs”.

Next time you are with a man try to linger on before actually ‘doing it’ and he will be very happy afterward.


Everyone hates monotony and this applies to men in the bedroom. If you establish a routine then your partner will soon view making love as a duty or chore that is not necessarily enjoyable.

Choose abnormal times and places to make love and your man will not stop looking forward to the next ‘surprise’.

Surprises create an adrenaline rush that only makes men want you more.

Open mindedness

Whether he is into whips and mouth gags or not remember that men like an open minded woman in bed. This removes the sense of awkwardness and creates room for conversation about what pleases you and what doesn’t.

An open minded woman encourages the man to explore their desires without fear which is the greatest hindrance to perfect moments in bed. Be open to trying new positions and the man will respond much better to you.

Men want in bed to make you orgasm

To make you orgasm

A man is still a man and they want to rub their egos whenever they get a chance. When a man takes you to be, their ultimate goal is to make you orgasm and if they cannot do that, their pride gets hurt.

Women should tell their partners whatever pleases them in bed so that they can be pleasured in such a way that leaves them both satisfied.


It might not seem like a priority for your favorite movie star but most men are only happy in bed when their safety is guaranteed.

This way they can enjoy their time with you without worrying about STDs or unwanted pregnancies.

Occasionally a man might run out but there is nothing hotter than a girl who can whip out some rubber when need arises. It creates the sense that you are responsible for your safety and gives the man enough incentive to give you an insanely good time.

Dirty talk

If you have a man in bed, throw all your inhibitions and talk as dirty as you like. Tell them in the nastiest words everything that you want them to do and this will draw them like a magnet to metal.

If you are shy some encouraging moans will assure them that you are having as much fun as they are.

If there is a man you’ve been trying to please in bed, try these useful tips and live to tell the tale of incredible pleasure afterwards.

10 Things Guys Want In Bed

Even though men of all ages would most likely show off to their buddies about the great action they are surely experiencing in bed, they hardly discuss details.

Not to mention here that when time arrives for honestly revealing hidden wishes to the beloved women in their life, they are surely twice as tongue-tied, because they are too afraid of losing you.

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So based on an article I have read in Cosmopolitan almost any guy has countless wants. There are a few common maneuvers and behaviors most of males wish, but tend not to understand the right way to ask.

So, let me show you what men want in bed from a woman in just ten helpful insights. I am sure they are eye-openers. Take your time ladies!

1. Men Want A Woman Who Understands How To Switch Herself On

Men Want A Woman Who Understands How To Switch Herself On

Your man may be more than willing to pull out all the stops to get you hot, he wouldn’t mind if you gave yourself a running start.

To get a satisfying erotic feeling, you must put a perseverance into setting yourself up for a lovemaking state of mind.

2. Men Want Making Love To Be Fun

Men Want Making Love To Be Fun

Getting stuck up on a misfortune will certainly affect the atmosphere. However if you can still both have a good laugh, it gets to be a good getting together moment.

Make a silly bet to be paid off in erotic favors or play a board game naked in bed and agree that loser has to grant the winner one lusty request.

3. Men Want Someone To Leave Out Suggestions

Men Want Someone To Leave Out Suggestions

A man likes it every time you happen to be ready to steer him without woofing out commands. As you are telling sensual directions, toss in a bit of good encouragement.

Tell him how good it feels when he does something right, or remind him of a technique that always gets you off. If he’s not giving you enough foreplay, ask him to use his hand or mouth to warm you up, saying that you want to draw out the experience.

4. Men Want To Just Sit And Watch

Men Want To Just Sit And Watch

For men, what they see is almost as good as what they get, so make sure to give him an eyeful, but keep some clothes on. Sometimes men prefer when you leave a little to the imagination.

Just in case you may be feeling daring, touching your body face-to-face with your man will switch him on in seconds.

5. Men Want You To Definitely Be Naughty

Men Want You To Definitely Be Naughty

But men want to see that no-holds-barred side of you — they just don’t want to offend you by asking for it. What dirty-girl tricks fit the bill? Pretty much anything that shows him how much you like making love and how much you want it with him.

To make him fully understand you are into him, get your hands on his bottom at the time he is having an orgasm or just softly bite his chest.

You may really want to do a little something unpredictable, for instance starting completely new kinky position.

6. Men Want To Experience A “WOW, What Was That ?” Situation

Men Want To Experience A "wow, What Was That ?" Situation

To distinct your true self from the crowd, you will definitely have to find a move so crazy, he is not going to have the option to stop thinking of it the following morning.

You don’t have to bust out a complicated trick best used by yoga instructors — just tweak an old standby, say, switching between oral and intercourse… with him blindfolded.

7. Men Want To Mix Things Up Sometimes

Men Want To Mix Things Up Sometimes

Repetition can make once-hot sack sessions seem ho-hum. So be open to varying things in bed. Any change in speed, pressure, or position will make the act more interesting and pleasurable.

Diversity puts a man in a high stage of rising given that he by no means is aware of just what exactly to expect.

8. Men Want Nooky Off The Middle Of Nowhere

Men Want Nooky Off The Middle Of Nowhere

You’ll win big erotic points with your guy if you spring love-making on him out of the blue. It gives him a huge ego boost by reinforcing the fact that you’re really hot for him.

For an unpredictable hot situation, simply ask the guy to park his car to an isolated place for a daring lovers play, the time you are getting back home after dinner.

9. Men Want To Grab You And Take You

Men Want To Grab You And Take You

The best way to bring out the love beast in your guy? Initiate some take-me-I’m-yours action. He’d love to be raw and animalistic with you, but he needs to know you want it too.

Give a wet kiss to your man with really hot lips, then simply move away of him, stating that as long as he expects much more things to happen, he may come for it.

When making love, you can even say to him to be tougher and go faster, if he is too soft with you.

10. Men Want To Sit Back From Time To Time

Men Want To Sit Back From Time To Time

However, sometimes gentlemen like it if you happen to take charge. Relaxing at the time a woman carries her manner with him is the most usual dream of a man.

Have him lie on the bed naked. Then, starting at one foot, kiss and lick your way up his leg and along the crease where his thigh meets his torso. Next, move to his side, up to his neck, and down to his main event.

When you’re ready for intercourse, treat him to reverse-cowgirl so he can’t help you, even if he wants to.

Please Have In Mind. Men Seek variety!

Understanding what adult males desire in bed is important to enjoying a playful and electrifying partnership, however it is actually not the main element.

Acting super crazy on the bed area is without a doubt a trigger for a lot of men, but think about always getting very rough on the bed? It will eventually begin to become very boring for a male partner!

On the other hand, the woman really want a person that may well be untamed, occasionally truly tender and cute and also from time to time simply up for trying out new things on love, considering the way you are both boys and girls feeling.

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