How To Make Him Afraid Of Losing You: The 4 Steps To Make It Happen

Are you wondering how to make him afraid of losing you? Let me show you the four steps to make your man to worry about you!

How to make him afraid of losing you

Well, we all want a beautiful life and happy relationships.

Nevertheless, life is never a straight line. There comes a time when the love of your life never treats you the way you want, and the best way of arm twisting him into giving in to your wants is making him worry about you.

It’s never easy, though.

If you don’t do it the right way, your strategy may hit a snag, and you become more desperate and helpless in life. What if I told you that there is a smart way you could make him worry about you?

This approach is best known as FEAR.

It doesn’t involve any threats or pulling crazy stunts to make him fear you; instead, it summarises the foolproof tactics of bringing him back into the right path. Read on.

#1 – FOCUS

You ought to focus on your independent social life.

Focus on your independent social life

Many a time, when women feel like life hurdles are hitting their love boat, they tend to try to make the man chase them. Either way, they try to make themselves hotter than they really are.

Now, life is a tricky game; we need to be real, and not play games like pretending to live a good life when we don’t have the good life.

We deserve a good life, and we should get it.

To achieve this, you need to continue doing those things which make you happy. Get out, socialise, meet new people and have fun!

You should never stop because you started dating someone. In fact, having an active independent social life may also improve your relationship. And it doesn’t only apply when you’re fresh into the relationship.

To keep both of you sane, you all need to have different interests and different friends at each stage in your relationship even if you’ve dated for years.

You must be wondering how this will make the guy get goosebumps at the thought of losing you, yeah?

Well if you’re going to give everything up so you can spend all your time with this man, he’ll finally pull away.

Most people find this a bit too intense, but then, if you have an active social life away from him, he’ll get a bit nervous and insecure. Therefore, he’ll fix his time, so you find some time to spend together between the social engagements.

#2 – ELIMINATE the constant texting

We all know that texting is one of the sure fire ways of getting into a man’s heart. Too much texting can, however, become bothersome, and boring. The golden rule is to use your texts sparingly.

Eliminate texting

The basic argument behind this ‘rule’ is that if you continuously text him, he’ll feel like you’re desperate, and so he’s locked you in his cage!

The reason?

He’s sure that you’re crazy about him, and this makes him care little. Even if he doesn’t feel crazy about you, he can get the feeling that he can do his things the way he wants without necessarily giving you what you need. He flatly loses the commitment.

I know, you’ll feel a bit tensed about this but for once try, and put your phone in silent mode or in Do Not Disturb mode. At least this will save you from the constant message alerts which keep on reminding you that you have texts to reply.

Be yourself, and take some breaks off texting him for some times a day. When he texts you, please, don’t be too fast to reply.

Take a few hours then respond. Note that this isn’t any game. Instead, you’re being busy with a lot of important commitments, and you don’t need to abandon what you were doing to reply to any random texts.

When you make yourself lesser available via the texts, he’ll get the drive to be next to you. Who knows? Perhaps, he’ll start hanging around you more than a couple of times each day.

#3 – ACTIVE physical life

You need to make your life more physically active.

Make your life physically active

When you feel better in your body, your confidence levels in life also soars up. This doesn’t mean that you start hitting the gym, and get dominant abs to get more confident.

It’s simple, just get out there, and engage in any physical activity to get your endorphins raging. You’ll surely start feeling much better. When he sees you, more active, you, he’ll feel bad at the thought of losing you.

Moreover doing physical exercises even as little as only 10 minutes each day or even only once each week will make you happier. What else? When you have a happier life, you also become more romantically appealing.

#4 – RESET the boundaries of your life

If your man no longer treats you the way you want him to treat you, the best bet is to reset your boundaries.

Reset boundaries

Be sure to tell him that he’s acting in a way which is not acceptable. Now, you don’t need to get physical with this and directly tell the guy in his face.

The best way out? Let psychology work!

If he texts only at a specific times, ignore him. Period. Does that piss him off? No problem? Let him know that you’re worth more than what he believes that he’s offering, and find a guy who not only respects you but is also willing to spend some good time with you.

Now, if his texts you the next day, after you had ignored the past texts when he only wanted you for some time and has offered to take you out, feel free to accompany him.

This is a sign that he has subconsciously given into your demands, and he’s willing to do what you want. I understand that setting these boundaries can feel a bit weird, but, they work magic and make your relationship more respectable.

You should set the pace for your relationship, and a man who doesn’t treat you the right way doesn’t deserve to have you. Life is never too serious.

How To Make Him Worry About Losing You: Bottom Line

Do you remember the adage which says that it’s easy to preach a sermon with your life than by using your lips? Well, we all live once, and the actions we take today can change our life for good or break it.

A relationship is not bondage.

Strong women find the men who value their worth, and you’re no exception. No one will model your relationship for you. It’s you who will choose whether to let the relationship control you or you control it.

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